We are the GOOD in the HOOD!

There’s Good in My Hood is a book that highlights how children living in poverty-stricken areas find ways to succeed, even when surrounded by seemingly insurmountable hardships. The author takes a look at the realities of the environment of impoverished families and demonstrates that there is always hope, sometimes just around the corner. Dr. Shanta’ Barton-Stubbs' There’s Good in My Hood follows the story of a young man making decisions that will affect the rest of his life, describing the challenges he faces in realistic and relatable language. The New Image Youth Center is featured prominently in the storyline, which helps the reader understand the benefits of community resource centers and how they can change the lives of families forever. Based on real stories of real people and geared for ages 7-12, There’s Good in My Hood also features bonus content! Poems written by the staff and board members of the New Image Youth Center give deeper perspective about the purpose of the organization. There’s Good in My Hood also includes an educational vocabulary list with age-appropriate words to use in expanding the horizons of young readers.

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This project is funded in part by a grant from the Legacy Trust for Orlando Children Fund at the Central Florida Foundation, one of more than 400 charitable funds established since 1994.